Lindsay’s first S.E.C.K.S tape


Welcome to the first entry in a series of Serious Examinations of Characters who Kind of Suck.

Kind-of-sucking is something we all do, and of course is a fundamental feature of S.E.C.K.S tapes. Our flaws are what make us beautiful / repulsive, and fascinating / tiresome. So join me, you with the sad face, as we blindly grope with tender fingers and anxious wheezing towards an understanding of the darkest, dampest aspects of what it is to be…..human….

(For more S.E.C.K.S tapes, please go to the tabs at the top of the page.)

And you can now ask questions directly to Madame Magenta, as if she’s a real person and not evidence of the increasingly fractured nature of Lindsay’s personality, on Twitter! Follow her @MadameMagentaUK

TAKE NOTE – I have more videos on my Youtube channel now, which can be found at


One thought on “Lindsay’s first S.E.C.K.S tape

  1. Really enjoyed all of it. My favourite lines: ‘build your house on solid lies’ and ‘if they’re looking for a zookeeper, you’re frigging Mowgli’ – funniest bit: head side to side action just after this

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