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Hello everyone! I haven’t updated this damn thing for ages, as I now live at lindsaysharman.com

However, if you’re a Sharman MEGAFAN (who isn’t) then I suppose this site contains some ….interesting?….articles?

To the right of this posting you will find posts of extremely varying quality. It all depends what your definition of ‘quality’ is, really. And your definition of ‘time-wasting’ and ‘finite life.’

And a little note for those of you who have previously visited this site and enjoyed my S.E.C.K.S. tapes (see tabs at top of page) but found the sight of my ginormous flapping lips too distracting; I am the subject of three podcast episodes. Now you can absorb my wisdom without my weird face getting in the way by clicking on any of the following :

1.) The Painted Grin Podcast

2.) Taylor Glenn’s Reverse PsyComedy

These two podcasts could easily be re-named CSI: Comedy for their intensively forensical dissection of the nature of stand-up. But while both podcasts are a refreshing zumba-class for the mind, the more beard-stroking of my listeners might prefer the chat with actual head-doctor Taylor Glenn, while the weaker-minded amongst you would enjoy the Painted Grin podcast, which includes an anecdote about getting totally wasted on mushrooms in Amsterdam with my sister, oh man, that was messed up. Seriously. Hurr.

And the final podcast; done in the style of a culture-show interview with THE POET. I am quite proud of this, it’s got jokes, music, a sketch thing….so do have a listen –



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