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This page is inexcusable. Just narcissism incarnate.

Anyway. Extreme hair-cut alert. I’ve gone from the long, brown, dishevelled locks of a medieval peasant to a funkier, more lesbionic look, which has prompted everyone to ask “are you doing a Britney” and “who are you?”

I’ve had to re-introduce myself to people I’ve already met so many times now that I might get a t-shirt printed up with my old ‘do on it.

Anyway, I love my new hair, and there’s a piccy of it at the bottom of this here page….

….and moving up the page, the middle picture is the album cover for my POETRY ALBUM! A poetry album! Has ever a thing been more commercial!? It came out at the end of Feb 2013, and it’s available by asking me for it when you see me, on iTunes at or simply – click on me.

Photos by Jayde Adams at Fountain House Photography (top) and Posie Parker (bottom). Thoroughly recommended.






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