S.E.C.K.S tape 2 : Suck Harder


Welcome to the second entry in my Serious Examination of Characters who Kind of Suck. As you may have seen in my last tape, I am exploring the weaker aspects of the human condition by a process of ‘actorfication,’ an immersive technique that involves wearing turbans and drinking pints of sherry. The ‘character’ of Madame Magenta proved fertile ground for examining the nature of belief and the imbibing of strong intoxicants, and so I have returned to her for a more thorough probing….

And you can now fire questions directly at Madame Magenta, as if she’s a real person and not evidence of the increasingly fractured nature of Lindsay’s personality, on Twitter! Follow her @MadameMagentaUK

TAKE NOTE – I have more videos on my Youtube channel now, which can be found at http://www.youtube.com/user/zombietrousersable/featured


2 thoughts on “S.E.C.K.S tape 2 : Suck Harder

  1. glad your raffle prize came in handy!

  2. stuart says:

    Magenta is gold. More probing…. please please puh-lease!

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