Magenta’s Love Magick! (My personal favourite)

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Well hello there! To celebrate some of my youtube videos reaching double figures after only a few months online, I’ve filmed another S.E.C.K.S* tape with the wondrous Madame Magenta of the Equaaas Star! I’m a Youtube sensation! Bite me, sneezing panda!

This one is about LOVE and contains more jokes per minute than the previous ones, plus there’s a shot of me in the bath, so the fact that it’s lagging in the viewing figures is a bafflement. Plus I think it might be my favourite. Maybe my perspective is questionable…

* Serious Examination of Characters who Kind of Suck. An immersive, explorative technique of the human condition, combined with a lame-ass joke that will ensure I am completely unemployable by companies with google-happy HR departments.

TAKE NOTE – I have more videos on my Youtube channel now, which can be found at


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