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August 29, 2013 by Lindsay Sharman

So the results are in! As some of you might be aware, I set up a survey about a week ago with regards to my Edinburgh show for next year. Generally the answers confirmed what I already believed, although I also had two offers to bear my children, one person saying I must be on drugs, and four people essentially telling me to follow my heart and ignore the survey’s results. Interesting stuff, and I’ve drawn a few conclusions at the end of this blogpost. But first, here are most of the raw results, and of course I’ve also included the most flattering comment as I am a performer with a gaping wound for an ego –





Well. Well. Well.
This hasn’t changed anything I was going to do, but it does make me confident that a lone female performing a bold, in-yer-face character isn’t an unattractive idea to a punter. See, my main concern was repulsing the general public (common fear of mine) before I’d even performed in front of them. Whereas if I’ve successfully managed to get their bum on the seat and THEN they’re repulsed during the show, that’s…fine. I always intended to do the characters true to the way that they’ve evolved over the last year, but there’s no point performing in a vacuum, with no audience day after day. As such, if it had turned out that the idea of both characters was a bit of a turn-off, then I would have designed the flyer in such a way as to lure people in without explicitly saying what was going to happen.
“But that’s as good as lying, Lindsay!”
“Don’t be naive, you fool! That’s marketing!”
“But don’t you want to attract the right kind of audience, the ones who would like what you do? And isn’t the only way to do that to be honest on the flyer?”
“No. Honesty is fine and necessary, up to a point. But in the first ten minutes of a date, you don’t tell them your crotch is sweating, do you?”
“You are right.”


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