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Links to Interviews

Click here to go to my interview with ToDoList

Links to reviews

NATY Reviews
Funny Women Magazine
Chortle has reviewed me at three finals (NATY, Piccadilly, Funny Women). Steve Bennet seems to think I’m the Meryl Streep of Comedy Characters (partly because he didn’t realise that my straight stand-up isn’t a character act.)

Review of Piccadilly NATY in which I came third, Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard, ver nice review. But Bruce, I’m not marrying into money, I have questionable breeding. They wouldn’t have me –
Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard

Edinburgh Festival 2011
The List


I put ‘Lindsay is available for birthdays, erotic private parties, and bar mitzvahs’ through Google translate to see if it came up with anything hilarious, and it did!

לינדזי זמין לימי הולדת, מסיבות פרטיות, ארוטיות ובר מצוות!


Ah, ANOTHER SECTION IS NEEDED, whereby I am mentioned in a positive light (gotta keep the old ego flame lit) but not in the context of a review –

John Fleming’s blog…. whereby I am heralded as a fool.


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