Edinburgers and chups


August 8, 2012 by Lindsay Sharman

“So how’s the festival treating you, Lindserama dude?”

Well, imaginary surfer friend, it’s up and down. Financially, I’m living a beer-and-burger lifestyle on a turps-and-things-found-in-bins budget. And emotionally, the curried chips of fate have wreaked a small amount of havoc. But it’s all part of the journey.

That’s right – I said JOURNEY (hopefully X Factor doesn’t hold the copyright on that). For I am here to do nothing less than evolve to the next level. If I don’t leave here with some kind of unparalleled insight into the human condition, then you can fry me in batter and call me breakfast.

I’ve been working on a few astounding life revelations, hoping that one of them will bear fruit in the next three weeks (preferably in the last few cinematic moments, as I gaze out the window of my megabus). Here they are….

    Potential Revelations as Inspired by the Festival (to ripen on 27th August)

– Give up
– Never give up, dammit!
– Give up for a while
– Drastically change creative direction. Try to become Doctor Brown / Boy with Tape on his Face / a Bangkok Ladyboy
– Don’t change direction, you’re on the right track gurl!
– Slightly alter direction, with the addition of music / funny accents / a drink problem

I will be accepting wagers, although my money’s on ‘never giving up’ and ‘slightly altering direction’.

Oh, update – 4 star review of God in a Bag! http://www.spoonfed.co.uk/spooners/spoonfedcomedy-8202/review-george-ryegold-s-god-in-a-bag-7125/

Another update – Oli and Laurence (Sung and Unsung, which I’m MC-ing) have been doing a bloody funny daily video diary, and I appeared in the last one. There are 8 of them now and I advise watching them from the beginning, although for ease of linking (and, y’know, narcissism) here is the one with me in it – http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DM0RHQfE37SE&v=M0RHQfE37SE&gl=GB

Yet another update – it is now the 3rd September, I’ve been back from Edinburgh for a week. And the conclusion IS……yeah, keep going, get better hopefully. Yup. Pretty fucking exciting, eh?


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