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March 31, 2012 by Lindsay Sharman

Let’s get down to it, don’t want to divert attention from the massive bragging I’m about to do. Of course, bragging does tend to rely on the presence of other people, something I suspect this blog lacks, otherwise I’m just privately celebrating (the phrase “having a sneaky private celebration” also alluding to the more literal form of wanking, of course.*)

So, this Edinburgh I will be doing the old ‘acting’ (gurning) in a comedic play / live sitcom written by and starring the excellent Toby Williams as his comic creation Dr George Ryegold. I will be playing his ex. We have the Dairy room in Bristo Square (check it out, room-fans –,) at 1.45pm. I am chuffed; Toby is a great writer and performer, and his casting choices are inspired. Inspired. I’ll also be doing plenty of stand-up spots as well, and compering Oli Bettesworth’s show. Can’t….freakin….wait. I love Edinburgh.

*Blogging is disgustingly self-indulgent. I just want you** to know that I know that.

**You=me, because no-one reads this. So I want me to know that I know that blogging is self-indulgent. Me cubed. Blogging is the event horizon of me; I’ve been pulled into the intense, crushing me-field and I can’t escape. Eventually I will cease to exist.***

***God, I’m such a wanker. I’ve picked both a medium and a mode of writing that conveys that quite violently ****

****How did a celebratory blog with a positive message end up as self-abuse? And contain so many wanking references?

Let’s have a picture –


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