Haiku number 2


January 7, 2012 by Lindsay Sharman

The balance between marketing yourself and coming across as a towering dickhead is a tricky one. A popular method of advertising one’s glory is to declare on your facebook status that you have just ‘smashed’ a gig or ‘bloody killed tonight, tore the effing roof off, cwooooooaaaarrrrr.’ Pretty much the only reason I don’t indulge in this behaviour is because, when I read such a missive, I dont think “gosh, what a champion.” No. I think “wotta bell-end.”

But that’s what I’m about to do now, in the form of a haiku, thus making it even more insufferable. Soz! Lolballs.

On the occasion of Brian Storey’s excellent gig at The Hideaway in Streatham.

Inseminating muggles

With thrusting comic

Awesomeness. Reward? Coke lite.

Sadly, ‘diet coke’ has too many units for this haiku.


One thought on “Haiku number 2

  1. Brian Storey says:

    Lindsay, you were an absolute star last night. Thanks for doing the gig, and glad you enjoyed it. If ever I see that you’ve written ‘I smashed it’ at a gig, I for one won’t think you’re being smug 😉

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